Last night’s Super Bowl halftime show was terrible.

To be fair, there are very few halftime shows I’ve actually enjoyed, because halftime is too short to have a concert that’s actually enjoyable. It was still better than Just Timberlake’s tragedy of a performance last year, but it was quite the letdown.

I’m not sure anyone has listened to…

Meek Mill’s latest album, “Championships”

I’ve never been a huge Meek fan. That being said, I was very excited for this album. This album was supposed to be Meek’s return to glory. His victory lap. A celebration of his “championships”. …

Spotify just allowed their users to see their listening “stats” for the year. These stats include total minutes listened, the song you started the year off listening to, your top songs, top artists, and top genres. They also included a personalized playlist with your top songs from the year.


The impressive solo album from the former outcast of Migos

When anticipating the release, I really wanted this album to be good. Takeoff isn’t one of the most loved members of Migos despite his respectable verses on hits like “I Get the Bag” and “Narcos”. …

It’s the weekend and no matter what you’re doing you’ll need good music to do it

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: It’s important to get excited for the weekend, but you can ruin your productivity if you get too excited so you need to find an album that goes hard, but isn’t too…

With his recent release of Luca Brasi 3, Gates has reestablished his spot in hip-hop.

I’m not going to lie. I thought Kevin Gates was washed. After the hype over “2 Phones” and “Really Really” died down, Gates seemed to disappear. This was likely because of the time he served…

Young Thug made an amazing album

6 songs. No fluff. Just Thug’s playful melodies and explosive beats.

After the first listen I was impressed with the album, but I was worried it wouldn’t last. I expected this to be the type of album I would listen to once and then…

As a whole, society has gone far too long without a Lil Wayne Album. That’s all about to change at midnight tonight.

Wayne has been teasing this song since 2011. The same year Wiz Khalifa released “Black and Yellow”. That feels like an entire lifetime ago.

Just for some perspective, when Wayne released his last album in Tha Carter series nobody even used streaming services. People were buying albums for $12.99 on the iTunes store on their brand new iPhone 4s. It’s really been that long!!!!

It has been far too long. I could not be more ready for this album.

It’s been a great summer for music. Actually, it was an amazing summer for music. So good, in fact, that I ruined every good album that came out this summer by listening to it on repeat until I got tired of it. It’s time for something new. Some new Uzi.

CJ Leonard

Sneakerhead. Kanye stan

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