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Well, let’s take a good look at who is saying the Hildebeast doesn’t want to take guns away……..It’s the Hildebeast herself along with her cronies. She has already made mention that “Austrialian Gun Control” is worth looking into. Austrailian gun control aka gun confiscation is how they control guns in that country!!!! The Hildebeast has also said that the 2nd Amendment is not an absolute and that the government has a right to impose control aka the government has the right to limit your constitutionally guaranteed rights and no matter what the 2nd Amendment reads, the Hildebeast wants to reign supreme over everyone.

The Hildebeast wants to take our guns and the only way to prove it is for her be elected then it will be too late. Even if they repeal any changes she makes, chances are the damage will be done and thousands of gun owners will have lost their guns, some that will never be able to be replaced. So if you think the Hildebeast doesn’t want to take your guns, think again. She lied about murdering 4 Americans in Benghazi, do you think she’s have any problem lying to you about taking your guns???????

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