Midnight Crossroads: Being a Writer Mom
Valya Dudycz Lupescu

What a beautiful and inspiring piece. I am going to share this with my daughter and her husband. They have two young children. My daughter struggles with the desire to educate herself to become a midwife, while at the same time trying to raise their two sons. Her husband is often gone for days at a time, and she has very little help. I live a 6-hour drive away and try to come up as often as I can.

I tell her she is lucky to be able to have someone who can provide for her and the children, enabling her to stay home rather than having to work and hire babysitters. But she has the desire to do more, not discrediting parenthood as a noble, and very difficult, occupation in itself, as you noted in your piece.

I was a single parent, so I had to work no matter what my desires were. It has been my belief that I would rather have been able to stay home to take care of my children full-time, especially when they were young.

But reading the inner struggle you had, wanting to pursue something that fulfills you in other ways beyond parenthood, helps me understand my daughter’s desires more. Yes she wants to raise her children to be wonderful human beings, and provide them everything that only a mother can, but she also wants to be able to help other mothers bring children into the world in a healthy and holistic way.

I am sure, Valya Dudycz Lupescu, your post will encourage her.

Thank you.