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My, oh my. Every time I set out to create; every time I think about setting out, I remember these two things about myself. So I straddle the gap of these feelings, and the comments from friends who comment on how much I’m working on at any given time, unsure how both can possibly be true at the same time.

I’d be inclined to believe, as you mention, that I’m paralyzed by a fear of the work not living up to the standards I have for myself. And so I revise endlessly, questioning my own judgement and putting my creativity on trial.

It was, fittingly enough, my students who flipped the switch for me. They are simply too curious and ignorant to let perfectionism paralyze them. I let their enthusiasm kindle my fire, and endeavor to float as freely into my inspiration as they do.

It is a journey you characterize all too well in this piece, and before I ramble further, I’ll suffice it to say that I needed to hear this and thank you for sharing.

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