How 50 Shades of Grey Changed My Life

“How 50 Shades of Grey Changed My Life” by CJ Rodriguez

Ah… The sexiness of saucy data will entice even the most influential and experienced leaders turning them into a submissive state.

Being reliant and bound to data can feel energizing, empowering and dare I say…just a bit naughty?

Numbers and graphs, charts and statistics with lipstick precisely placed to make the details of information even more attractive. Toss in the use of leader boards, vamped up reporting and enthusiastic presentations and you’ve got the business version of 50 Shades of Grey.

Numbers never lie but are they truly black and white? What happens when you have too much data? Many leaders have become paralyzed with an overload of information and I found myself right there with them.

I realized that clean, effective solutions ended up living in the grey space. So I started thinking,

“What implications exist when we apply that concept to the world of human capital and add in perception?”

While in seat as President of HealthCare Scouts [2013–2016], I established and led a survey of nationwide active and passive healthcare hiring managers resulting in the production of a 2015 National Healthcare Consensus Survey.

Over 2,700 healthcare leaders throughout the country were polled which included 200 closest, influential contacts in the healthcare space. Two specific questions had intriguing results:

  1. How competitive do you feel your company is in their total package offering?
  2. How often do you lose talent to your competition?

With an overwhelming response rate, their feedback left no grey area.

91% of healthcare companies feel they are at or above fair market value in compensation (they were very adamant about this). Based on market trends, top healthcare talent view this very differently.

REALITY CHECK — Admittedly, 94% of healthcare companies are, in fact, losing talent to their competition.

As 2016 launched, we shared the results and had deeper discussions. Many leaders confessed they felt handcuffed to data. They were looking at their human capital strategies with a blindfold on. They discovered their data had them in an uncomfortable bind with no safe word.

Dispute data? Who is brave enough to question what tides of analytic data says to be right or wrong? If you take nothing else away from this post it would be to question — always! Ask, ask and ask again. If you get push back, ask more.

Dig deeper but be prepared to go into uncomfortable areas with a completely open mind. Keep things simple but be accepting of the raw state that data can leave you in.

What worked for me is that I defined a core of data and kept it simple.

I then asked the other leaders to establish their core based on their scope of responsibility. We cross-compared to ensure the overall line of sight was goal congruent for the entire organization. It worked.

It’s time to wipe off the lipstick, take the blindfold off and get ahead of the game before your competition does. And if you secretly keep the handcuffs, well… that’s your prerogative.

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Christine “CJ” Rodriguez, Founder & CEO of evolve™ HealthCare Solutions, Inc.

Personal note from the author: Born in Texas and now Florida based, my professional journey has allowed me to align, partner and lead powerful performance teams throughout the country. For twenty years I have helped evolve national and globally recognized private and public organizations. As a senior-level executive, I possess a keen understanding of the entrepreneur and corporate world from varying vantage points. Throughout my career, I have been privileged to build and mentor award-winning professionals and organizations resulting in long-lasting relationships. Consulting executive leadership teams, I have guided and built blueprints for successful sales and talent acquisition strategies. As a visionary, I have brought innovation forward to showcase operational efficiency while mastering the implementation of inspirational people development programs. These are just a few highlights of the many successes that have enhanced my relationships. I invite you to visit my executive e-Portfolio to capture a glimpse of my professional timeline. I look forward to imparting 20 years of experience with you. ​

All my best ~ CJ Rodriguez

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