I’ve been an advocate for equal rights and opportunities for people of all genders, sexualities and identities in the workplace throughout my career. I believe all people deserve a more open and equal world, regardless of race, sexuality or gender.

I feel incredibly proud to work for a company which shares these values. Absolut also strongly believe in building a fairer, more open world. This is precisely why we’ve created ‘Equal Love’ a visual love-note to our longstanding commitment to equality. For us, this isn’t anything new. It isn’t a new-wave of purpose marketing, it has always been our purpose.

Equal Love is a continuation of our relationship with the LGBT community that began to blossom over 35 years ago. This commitment has always been anchored in equality and self-expression, a reflection of our core values. You’ll see this continue today with our membership of the Stonewall Diversity Champions program in the UK, and as a business we continually strive to create a workplace environment that is truly equal and enables everyone reach their full potential.

If you cast your mind back to 1981, you might remember that we were some of the first to begin directly advertising to the LGBT community. We were lucky enough to collaborate with members of this incredibly vibrant and creative community to create some ground-breaking campaigns. Artists including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf crafted unforgettable ads that supported and celebrated LGBT causes.

Our latest film, Equal Love, is rooted in celebrating equality, diversity, freedom and self-expression, things that we should all be able to enjoy regardless of sexual preference, identity or labels. This campaign is designed to promote a better, more open world — something that we believe is encapsulated perfectly in this film.

Unfortunately, we know that the world isn’t always like this and inequality still exists in plain light. But this is something that can change. We want to give a voice to those who aren’t always heard, to lead by example and help stamp out close-minded and irrelevant attitudes that have no place here in the 21st century.

Equality is just as important to us now as it was then. We understand that there is still a long way to go to achieving a completely equal world. Equal Love is our testament to our commitment to getting there.

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