My Happy Birthday!❤❤❤❤:):3

Hi is My Birthday!.Yes 16 Yrs to NOTHING!.Okey My Names and Surnames Real is Celeste Gisela or Yisela Gonzalez Kreuzberger❤

I Like the VideosGames

I Hate the English

I Love The Dogs

Birth 4 of September of 2001

Sexuality I do not know

I am Argentina Buenos Aires

Boyfriends (Virtual):Noctis,Cloud,Vicent Brooks,Vicent Valentine,Jake Muller,Protagoinst,More…

Girlfriends (Virtual):Lightning,Lunafreya,Max,Chloe,Catherine,Cindy,Kat,Raven,More…

Singer Favorite:Taylor Swift

Okey I do not know what else


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