Learning to Embrace each day as it comes!

Amidst a crowded street, there was a green little bench where I sat down seizing some positive energy in me gazing up to face the struggling days ahead. Confused and frantic, not knowing what your future beholds was one of the biggest nightmares one can go through, at that moment I was no less than anyone with the same thought. Famished and shattered, I tried conversing with the universe to help me through the struggle that was to occur. Jobless, depressed, infuriated and any other negativity one could hold was all I had in me. But a small bulb in me lit, reminding me my father’s teachings — “Never give up easily, as no one’s journey is laid with only beautiful petals. Everyone must be pricked by the thorns to be where they are today”.

Gasping intensely, I stood up walking to face the ugly truth of just surviving my week ahead in $10 in the most livable city, Melbourne. Not knowing how would the survival ahead be and would I be able to commute home or even keep myself off from starving? Being the first born to your parents and the eldest sibling, one does pretend to be strong so no body in the family gives up or considers failure is dreadful and wrecking. I walked through the hustling street consciously avoiding my mother’s phone calls to the nearest tram station to travel home.

Commuting home on the tram like a thief, by standing right beside the door for a narrow escape if ever any officers got on board was terrifying and traumatic. Standing there just wishing you reached your tram stop in a blink was all I could wish for. Thinking of this continuous gesture for the whole week was even more horrendous. Finally reaching my stop, walking down the tram with a relief of not being caught was the best feeling to hold me strong for the minute. Walking home miserable as ever and gushing through the apartment to reach a serene corner in the room and quietly weep was all I could deem.

Weeping and wailing was all I did for the couple of hours until dawn the consequent day. Cuddling myself, assuming the way your near and dear ones would in that instance and reminiscing their love kept me going. Glaring through the windows of my apartment on the 20th floor during the sunrise and the beautiful landscape was a motivation to stand up to a new beginning and persuade myself in swallowing the negativity while imposing myself to some positivity.

With that thought in mind, I happen to catch a sight of an old man in shabby clothes walking past my building with his loyal little dog and most likely his best ever friend he could have imagined following him obediently. Noticing his smile through a blur with my weak eyesight and murky window was that incredible emotion that made my day. Looking at him embrace the relationship with his loyal friend and dancing along the street to a beautiful day made me realise how one should live each day as it comes with a salute to the shining sun for having us live another day in this incredible and fascinating planet.

Reminiscing the poverty in different corners of the world and how gracefully they persevere through each single day of their life with no shelter or the least bricks as shelter and in doubt of having any possible grain to satisfy their ravenous stomach was the persistence in me to swallow the ugly truth and enjoy the obstacle ahead for the following week. Catching my breath and bidding goodbye to the negativity with a charming smile I moved on to my errands for the day.

We seldomly forget how we are all blessed and privileged with what we have and constantly strive for the success we hear and see of other people around us. Having a comfortable bed to sleep in, a grain to fill your stomach all three meals a day and enjoying luxuries that some cannot afford to think of is more than one should ask for. Be obliged with the life you have the comfort you are privileged with and embrace each day as you wake up thanking the Lord for another beautiful day in this incredible world.

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