The Remain cause, and Lord Adonis
Owen Jones

As with a lot of your writing, it seems like you are simultaneously advancing contradictory messages.

  • The Brexit vote isn’t a class thing vs. Lord Alpine is an out of touch elite.
  • You were a committed Remain advocate vs. You advocated for Lexit.
  • You don’t care about Adonis skiing vs. You mention it 5 times in the post.

You also seem to project your own views onto Leave voters. You make a big deal about Adonis being an unelected Lord, but for how many Leave voters is dismantling the House of Lords a priority? I would hazard a guess that it’s not many. In fact that runs against the prominent Leave message that leaving the EU would enable British institutions to be fully independent and preserved.

You are also railing against an ongoing Remain ‘campaign’, as if it is some centrally coordinated affair. People are resigning over the government’s handling of Brexit. That’s news and that’s why it’s being reported. I have yet to hear anyone except you advance the view that Lord Adonis resignation would convince Leave voters to change their mind. Not everything has to be done with such machiavellian intentions, people are allowed to have principles and views… even if they go skiing in the Alpines.

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