Silicon Valley’s Unchecked Arrogance
Ross Baird

Having witnessing in startup hubs in Silicon Valley, New York, Western Europe (Austria, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, & UK) to North Africa, you see a few innovations or replicating a Silicon Valley type of VC model (or even private equity) occurring, but at the depths more of a desire to replicate the investment ecosystem and returns of Silicon Valley in countries with governments and societies that have basic need subsidies for their citizens. Yet, they have not been able to garner the investment capital or ROI that investors would like to see for a variety of reasons including cultural ones. (i.e. Bankruptcy in Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, and Italy for example offer severe consequences.) However, in the case of North Africa, the desire to replicate Uber’s success is a detriment to society where the margins are so small and competition great that in some cases can be a mere few dollars. Dangerous for an emerging economies where investments would be better utilized in infrastructure repairs and job creation in those sectors rather mass scale that they see in American counterparts portrayed in the media and social media with multi-billion dollar valuations. That does not mean that enterprise cannot take off in the unlikeliest of industries or regions.

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