What Will a College Coach Ask Me Over the Phone?

A number of student-athletes and their families reach out to us asking what to expect when a college coach calls — what will the questions be? How will the conversation go?

First, realize that the timeline for when a college coach can reach out to a prospective student-athlete via phone will defer not only for each sport, but also for each level (NCAA D1 vs. D3, for example).

Below are some of the core questions that you may get from a coach once you have connected with him or her on the phone. Establishing this communication — and relationship — as early as possible in the recruiting process is a key to overall success.

The questions in no particular order (and remember that they can and will ask variations of these):

What do you feel are the strongest parts of your game? What areas are you working to develop?

How are you preparing for next season? What is your training regimen?

What goals do you have for your next season? For when you get to college?

Do you believe that you can play at our school/program? Why?

How are you in academically in school? What are your grades? GPA? ACT/SAT scores?

What is your favorite subject? Do you know what you’d potentially like to major in? What are you passionate about (besides the sport!)?

What other schools/programs are recruiting you?

Do you have any questions to ask me?

Review and consider how you’d potentially respond! We often help student-athletes review best practices when it comes to conversations such as these — running mock interviews so that players know not only the questions coming their way, but how to best answer them!

With any of your own inquiries about the interview, about the recruiting process as a whole, or even to sign up for one of our mock interviews, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at recruiting@leonardandrew.com.

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