Spring Training-Hi Corbett Field

Now home to the Arizona Wildcats, Hi Corbett Field served as the Spring Training home of the Cleveland Indians from 1947 until the club moved to Winter Haven in 1993.

The Tribe’s tenure at Hi Corbett is the longest for any spring training site. Leading up to 1947, the club held spring training in New Orleans, San Antonio and Lafayette (Ind). However, by 1946, the club was exploring their options. In a July edition of the Plain Dealer, it was reported that “Veeck Says Indians May Do Spring Training in Tucson….[Veeck] said that he would try to have a second major league team agree to train at Phoenix so the two could meet in practice games.”

Several weeks later it was announced that Tucson was home. The Plain Dealer reported on July 26, 1946 that the “Cleveland Indians will establish their 1947 spring training camp at Tucson, Ariz., an hour’s flying time from Phoenix, Ariz., where the New York Giants will be quartered.”

Interestingly enough, Veeck’s home ranch was located only 22 miles from Tucson.

In 1993 the Tribe moved to Winter Haven, Florida after the Boston Red Sox left the area. In 2009, the Tribe moved back to Arizona, but not to Hi Corbett. In 2012, the Arizona Wildcats began to call Hi Corbett home on a full-time basis.

The interconnection between the Tribe, Wildcats, and Hi Corbett have come together in a wonderful homage to the movie Major League. So sit back and enjoy the clip.