2016–10–10 Another round for Hillary

Hi everyone,

So another debate has ended between the two main candidates for the US elections and once again Hillary was very well prepared and Trump was not able to get the overhand. Last time Trump lost his cool for a few times and at the end of the first event Hillary hit Trump very hard with his statements about women.

Wall-street was happy with yesterday’s outcome and today the main indices reacted positively heading up towards highs. 
Oil reached and broke the 51 level and rumors about reaching the 60 level until year end.
The pound after last weeks flash is now ranging around 1.2350 and 1.2430. It took a serious dive and further concerns or reliefs can again spark heavier movements up or down according to sentiment. After having quit some extensive range of buys to Tp up, will now sell and hedge if goes back to lower levels. Target will be to average out buy positions with sells, or reduce exposure to allow safe new buy entries at newer levels.
Target has been met all these months and now I can focus my attention upon re-balancing the account.
Wednesday and Friday should be the days where the market should move more with some heavier news and updates from the FED.
Until then, stay safe and don’t overtrade.

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