CLHedgeFund Risk & Money Management for June 2016

Hi to all new followers and copiers. 
The hardest part is to stick to the plan, but without any plan you are headed for disaster. Read further about my plan on my first post about risk and money management.

Account is growing bigger and we reached 30% growth since we started in march and the differences can also be seen on my trading plan. I added AUDUSD to my trading currencies now that I am comfortable to have it on the account, increasing diversification and benefiting from this pair refunding rollover fees on buy positions. I also added a few more stocks, but currently did Take Profit on them when trading at high levels, and now watching where we will see stronger supports to consider buying again at lower levels. Might take a month or two. Until then we will have new cash flowing into the account and will re-adjust the plan. Every time I see a good opportunity I jump in as I have always lot of slack and can later re-adjust the plan, spending less exposure on the other assets.
 Any questions you have, please join FB and let me know how I can help.
Thanks to all of you and wish you all save and profitable investments.

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