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The main struggle of all the new people that approach me is their mindset. They want to learn Forex and get successful or make a fortune in a easy and quick way.
Most experienced traders will say that to be successful you need to learn how to lose. Every single one had a hard time in the start and faced losses or blew a few accounts. Why people can’t generate wealth? It is all in your mindset. If you think you are to poor and stay stuck with a negative mindset you will hardly reach anything in your life. You are not poor. Just uninformed. Every successful people that made it in life with hard work recommends to save up to 10–15% per month. In previous articles I wrote about the true secret of wealth, SAVE-INVEST-REPEAT. Most rich people only have yearly returns around 10%. That is the secret. Instead of gambling money or wasting it frivolously they plan their budget. They start from the end, instead of spending without any clear track where and how, they draw a plan. And it is all right to eat out, or buy an expensive phone, or travel, as long as you saved enough to pursue all your dreams and have a sound budget.
A positive mindset is of essence and discipline.
After some research I found a nice article from MarryEllen Tribby and can be resumed in her chart that I will share below.

In case you find it difficult to read, here are the success and failure indicators mentioned in the image above, as text.

Successful People (NON-EGO-DRIVEN)
 Have a sense of gratitude
 Forgive others
 Accept responsibility for their failures
 Read everyday
 Keep a journal
 Talk about ideas
 Want others to succeed
 Share information and data
 Keep a “to-be” list
 Exude joy
 Keep a “to-do/project” list
 Set goals and develop life plans
 Embrace change
 Give other people credit for their victories
 Operate from a transformational perspective


Unsuccessful People (EGO-DRIVEN)
 Have a sense of entitlement
 Hold a grudge
 Blame others for their failures
 Watch TV everyday
 Say they keep a journal but really don’t
 Talk about people
 Secretly hope others fail
 Horde information and data
 Don’t know what they want to be
 Exude anger
 Fly by their seat of their pants
 Never set goals
 Think they know it all
 Fear change
 Take all the credit of their victories
 Operate from a transactional perspective

What do you think of these success indicators?

Personal development is essential and getting aware of our strengths and flaws is part of it. Which indicators from the right “unsuccessful” side do you need to let go of? Which indicators on the left “successful” side do you need to add or increase?

Have all a great week

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