CLO is saying Hi to the world!

🕹Infinite Space [Kelper]

CLO games start with one content and expand infinitely to various Kepler planets.

🕹Virtual Assets [Gaming]

The economy of CLO games was created as an economic ecosystem based on minerals.

🕹Crypto Currency [CLO]

Users can collect resources in CLO games and convert them into cryptocurrency.


It supports storing and…



CLO is saying Hi to the world.

By rewarding players’ interest and many resources in Chronicle Manager 1’s ‘Gaming Story’, it maximizes fun and allows our users to receive rewards. This can be processed by acquiring items within the game. Our ‘Gaming System’ ensures that the winning of the game being played cannot hide its negligence based on code manipulation and other types of tampering through checking the line of codes thoroughly.
All external network transactions on Chronicle Online will be conducted with the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Network and smart contracts. We aim to provide a variety of opportunities to our players.

CLO is opened for more opportunities!

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