Join The Official CLOUT Steem Channel Here For The Latest Announcements! CLOUT To Be Added To HitBtc Exchange Feb., 1st!

It’s official, we have finally created our CLOUT Steemit page. We will be posting real time news & updates consistently. We encourage that all of our loyal investors, fans, and followers, follow us here as well! There are so many updates coming that its excitingly overwhelming. We are moving at a pace faster than ever expected and working non-stop in the background to bring the best user experience to our customers. We are going to be listed onto @hitbtc exchange come February 1st, just a couple short weeks away! We will also be listed on @coinbene shortly after on February 15th. We are in the works of being added to additional exchanges as well with some very promising negotiations taking place. We will be attending the North American Bitcoin Conference this month on the 18th, and 19th in Miami Florida. Thousands of applicants submitted to attend, but only a small handful of promising blockchain companies have been accepted for this HUGE event. This will bring even more attention to CLOUT and help us propel in the direction we are headed, the top. Average is not good enough for us and we have a strong team working around the clock to set a new standard. This journey of ours is absolutely revolutionary, but we are nothing without our supporters.

For those of you that are new to CLOUT or just hearing about us for the first time that is okay, it is still just the very beginning! CLOUT content creators are rewarded much in the same way users here on Steemit are credited for their work. We are the first blockchain company to tokenize content in a way that rewards creators, and prioritizes the highest quality material to reach the most viewers. What this does is pays the creators rather than profits being monopolized by just the platforms themselves, it also ensures viewers consistently get the best content. We believe that social media needs to do a 360 and we’re here to turn the wheel. Please visit our official site at to see our whitepaper and roadmap. We are workaholics and it shows!

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Thank you all for embarking on this incredible journey with us!