Weekly Update, Feb. 1st

Here at CLOUT, the development team have been working tirelessly. We are pleased to bring you our latest update which involved ICO listings and the ability to comment directly on them.

All ICO’s featuring on CLOUT will feel a certain degree of exclusivity. Ranging from:
● The unique URL generated according to each ICO.
● Engaging users with the more familiar surrounds of following users. 
● ICO’s will be featured accordingly, upcoming, ongoing and closed. 
● Adjacent to normal ICO’s being featured on the platform, ICO’s may elect to be made premium. This would give them preferential viewing above others. 
● Last but certainly not least is the ever so important #hashtag. The hashtag aspect effectively boosts your posts by being affiliated with the tag.

This marks the first of our weekly updates in which we will be providing to the community. Our vision for providing the one-stop solution for all your crypto needs has come one step closer.

This brings us to our next major step involving you guys, the CLOUT Faithfuls. Very soon, we will be allowing people to register their own user account. In anticipation for all of our upcoming goals, we would like to involve the community. A live Reddit AMA (Ask Me anything) will be conducted over two days, the 17th and 18th of February. We will have a few representatives from CLOUT taking turns to answer the questions over the course of the two days. CLOUT will share the Reddit link once the page is made. We advise to not ask pricing questions as this is beyond our control. Visit https://app.clout.io and feel free to look around.