Joe Budden Was Absolutely Right About Lil Yachty and You Won’t Admit It

Is Joe Budden over reacting over Lil’ Yachty or does he just care about his culture? Twitter has made it’s mind up and completely missed the point.

Soooo the internet went in on Joe Budden again. This time its in relation to the recent episode of the “Everyday Struggle” with DJ Akademiks. They interviewed Lil Yachty after Joe Budden had some choice words about the Atlanta bred “rapper” a little while back when he displayed some outright disrespect to the Notorious B.I.G. Yachty got the old heads in an uproar and if anyone under the age of 25 had respect for their elders they would be upset too.

When Joe Budden heard that Lil Yachty is happy.

— Confuse-ius. (@A_A_Ron_Rodgers) May 3, 2017

Everyone online is focused on the clip when Joe Budden goes in on Lil Yachty for being happy but what Joe really was asking is are you human? You can’t be happy with everything 100% of the time and later on Yachter accidentally backpedaled without trying.

The truth about it all is Lil Yachty is beyond immature for his position but not his age. He is not a rapper in the traditional sense and doesn’t produced evergreen music. I could be wrong but in 10 years you won’t remember a single lyric from any his songs. You can shove me in a category with Joe, call me an old man but you can’t deny that transcendent artist are far and few between and this kid ain’t one of them.

While Lil Yachty and everyone on set were calm, the boatboy couldn’t understand why Budden was so inflamed. The disconnect was appearant because in Joe Budden’s eyes, Lil Yachty lacked credibility as an Hip-Hop artist because of his refusal to pay homage to not only the greats, but all those that came before him that help the Sound Cloud rapper stumble into fame.

Lil’ Yachty represents a lower threshold of talent is required to be a major star. The bar has gotten so low now an ant could trip over it.

In the interview Joey was repeatedly visibly red from the passion pouring out of his soul with nothing but love for the culture he is apart of. It was apparent that all Budden wanted from the kid was for him to show some real reverence for what he is apart of and show some responsibility that he has with his stature. The torch that Yachty and others of this generation are in charge of holding feels like it’s being held with chicken greased fingers and at any time could fall and set what others built up on fire. Instead, Yachty just asked Joe to chill instead of stepping up and easing his paranoid feeling that he wasn’t a capable leader of the culture.

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Another point of contention was around Lil’ Yachty’s business. Joe repeatedly dissed Capitol Records while complimenting Quality Control. If Yachty knew anything about his history, he would know the lineage of the companies that Budden was referencing instead of defending them. He also didn’t understand what a 360 record deal was.(when record labels get a percentage of sales, merchandise, tours, and endorsements) For someone who is young and new to the game, for him to not know what kind of deal he had was frightening and goes back to what made Joe mad in the first place. It’s about learning from those who came before you. There are so many horror stories about artists being screwed over because they didn’t understand what they were signed to (Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop coming soon) and if you know your history you won’t let it happen to you.

Everyone is taking the easy road on Twitter, calling Joe an old man, photoshopping infinite memes, and telling him to chill. Fact is if you actually cared about your culture you would be just as passionate. Like he said it’s not about Lil’ Yachty, it’s about what he represents. Lil’ Yachty represents a lower threshold of talent is required to be a major star. The bar has gotten so low now an ant could trip over it. He represents the next generation that is one part evolution and one part conspiracy to keep blacks kids dumb. He represents the younger generation that has no respect for history or elders in any aspect, not just Hip-Hop. Got a career? If you loved and cared about it so deeply that you even called your projects “Mood Muzik” because it reflected how you felt, wouldn’t you be offended when someone in the same exact field took it significantly lighter?

I’m just saying.

Peep the interview below courtesy of Complex