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Please address what is being said about this:. Now that the contents of the TPP trade agreement, has been made public for all the world to see, the American People can no longer doubt, that our Democracy/Republic has been usurped by a Corporate Oligarchy. This trade deal which is likened to the trade deal passed by President Clinton called “NAFTA” in 1993, will only be advantageous to the sociopathic and morally bankrupt ‘Plutocrats’, who are currently leading our Country down a regressive and destructive path, through political and economic corruption. The evidence is clear, that we are no longer a nation of the “majority,” but a Country owned and operated by “Transnational Corporations” and the sociopathic billionaire’s who direct them. This process has been made possible, by “political” and “economic” corruption and greed, of an unparalleled magnitude. Through the moral turpitude and degeneracy of these corporate heads and others of their ilk, our political, judicial, and media systems have been corrupted and debased in such a way, that we no longer have a society based on a “Democracy” and “Constitution,” but one based on the “whims” of sociopathic and perverted billionaire’s. The American People can no longer deny this fact. The vast majority of the Republican Faction and a small portion of the Democratic Party, has been corrupted to such a degree, that certain members of both groups, no longer support the will of the people, but instead, represent the interest’s of a small group of wealthy billionaire’s. These morally bankrupt and vile “Actor’s” and the TNC’s that they operate, will stop at nothing, in order to perpetuate the spread of their wicked and perverted ideology and agenda, which is to accumulate as much power and wealth, by whatever means they can evil-mindedly concoct. They will stop at nothing, including the destruction of our society and the biosphere of our planet, in their insatiable quest for unlimited wealth. These Trade Agreements that they have been pushed and propagated, through our corrupt political system, will eventually allow for the spread of their malignant and evil agenda, to all parts of the Globe. This will in turn, cause the devastation and destruction of not only our Country, but Planet as well. These degenerate and evil minded Actor’s, operate without any patriotism or borders, spreading an ideology and agenda that is unsustainable, and will only destroy like a “malignant cancer”, everything that gets in their way. The plan of their ideology and agenda is the creation of a society, not only in America but around the world, of unthinking “Automatons”, who’s only program in life and reason for being, is to produce for the Corporate Oligarchy, for as little remuneration as the corporate oligarchy deems necessary, in order for the “Automatons” to be able to purchase corporate products and services, to perpetuate this cycle of manipulation and exploitation of the global masses, in their quest for insatiable wealth accumulation. This is a form of society that instead of being controlled by rules and regulations that would prevent the exploitation, corruption and manipulation of the American People such as a “Social Democracy”, would instead be controlled by sociopathic and morally degenerate Billionaire’s, who operate with impunity and with no “moral compass”. If the Citizens of America, do not stop this travesty of injustice and corruption, by voting for governmental representatives that represent the interests of the majority, and stop allowing for the perpetuation of corruption and greed, our country and planet will continue down this current path of ruination, degradation and destruction. We need to take money out of politics by supporting “Move to Amend,” and vote for candidates in our upcoming elections, that will represent and support honesty and integrity in our government, instead of corruption and greed. We need to vote for candidates, who show a history of “statesmanship,” and a “moral compass” that favors the vast majority of hard working and honest Americans, instead of the current corporate “puppets”, that have infected our government and society, with corruption and greed. Vote and support leaders such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson and other’s of their illustrious ideological ilk, who have shown by their history, that they are supportive of honesty and integrity in government and are against corruption and greed. This is vital to the survival of our Country and the sustainability of the Biosphere of our Planet, and can no longer be ignored. — Douglas H Millis

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