CLT Loyalty Club

CLT Loyalty Club is the latest milestone reached by Communication Legal Translation Est. ( in the long list of customer incentives offered by the most reliable translation services operating in UAE since 1996. In recognition of the contributions of our distinguished clients to the legendary status that Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) enjoys today, the launch of CLT Loyalty Club would be yet another step towards acknowledging and rewarding the trust that our loyal clients have shown in our relationship with them over the years.

Much has been researched and written on the topic of customer satisfaction, yet most of it deals with the organization’s perspective. It appears that making a profit has been the sole objective of all that has been researched and written about customer satisfaction. Little do our philosophers and management gurus realize that it always takes two to tango. A relationship, in any area whatsoever, is always established between at least two parties and the strength of that relationship depends on the equal safeguard of the interests and rights of both parties involved. It is in fact the mutual benefit of both parties that establishes the trust that is so essential to the dynamics of the relationship. It is exactly in this regard that good organizations step forward not only in the sense of fair dealing but also in terms of establishing long term relations with their clients based on trust and mutual benefit. They take the lead in facilitating their customers out of the way, cherishing their trust in the product and services and providing them special incentives. This makes the customers feel special and strengthens the bond between the two parties.

Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is a translation agency that holds its customers in high esteem and leaves no stone unturned in facilitating them in every possible way. At CLT, our loyal customers come before anything else on our list of priorities. The vision of CLT compels us to consider our customers as our key strategic partners. Hence, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) has enhanced the quality of its Translation Services in Dubai and Translation Services in UAE to match the expectations of our distinguished clientele. Having more than 70 languages on our panel, we aspire to serve our clients at surprisingly affordable prices with our areas of expertise expanding over 53 Services such as Medical Translation, Legal Translation, Media Translation, Financial Translation, etc. Our highly efficient, well-trained and experienced human translators are amazingly skilful at translating all sorts of documents including Company Profiles, Advertisement Campaigns, Training and Education Materials, Business Plans, Legal Documents, Accounting and Auditing Reports, etc. Our vision of customer satisfaction has now led us to form the CLT Loyalty Club.

Acquiring the CLT Loyalty Club membership is very easy and the process can be completed online within the wink of an eye by making an account at This membership will entitle all customers to earn Loyalty Points whenever they make a purchase. Upon accumulation of a certain number of points, the members will be able to redeem them for three incentives. The first incentive is Cash-Back where the customer will get cash against his points. The second is a Discount Voucher which can be used for discount in any future purchases. The third is a Gift Voucher that enables the members to make purchases of their choice at participating outlets throughout UAE. The details are available on The value determined for the Loyalty Points is also given at

Apart from our semantically dependable, grammatically reliable and linguistically beautiful Translation Services in Dubai, in UAE and all around the world, the formation of CLT Loyalty Club reflects the manner in which we like to treat our loyal customers. Our clients, which include prominent businesses ventures, legal firms, corporate firms, public relations and advertising agencies are the harbingers of our prosperous future and hold the driving seat in all that we do. Since 1996, when Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) founded translation services in the UAE, we have earned a reputation for providing top class services to our clients and it is a fact that makes us proud.

The CLT Loyalty Club renews the trust that our relationship with our customers has accumulated and nurtured over the years. It is a humble beginning of rewarding our loyal clients but in no way at all is CLT Loyalty Club our last step forward in this mutually beneficial bond of respect and confidence in one another. When it comes to our customers, there is no end to what we are capable of doing.

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