How to Organize Evernote to Get Shit Done

Are you on of the millions of people that suffer from an unorganized Evernote where thousands of notes exist but are never used?

Do you constantly save articles, notes and other links to Evernote but never see those articles again?

Do you want to actually use the thoughts in your brain rather than sending them to a cloud-based graveyard never to be heard from again?

Here are 3 Steps to that you can use to effectively use Evernote to essentially tag your brain and actually be productive with the notes that you take.

1. A Tag a Day Keeps Evernote Anxiety Away

I’m always surprised at how few people actually tag their notes. A major benefit to using Evernote is that you don’t have to remember anything, including the notes that you took. Tag your notes!

You consume so much content on a daily basis that you are unlikely to remember every note that you took inside of Evernote. Create meaningful tags that you will remember.

For instance, for this blog post, I used the tags “blog” and “clouvi.” When I login to Evernote and see these two tags together, I know that it means I’m supposed to blog about it on my personal blog.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I barely have time to take a note much less tag the damn thing!”

I set aside 15 minutes each morning to tag all of the notes that I saved the previous day. It’s a great mental exercise to do first thing in the morning because it gets your brain going with some low-impact activity.

2. Create a Google Spreadsheet

Once you’ve tagged you notes, you need to organize those specific ones into a clean format. A spreadsheet is the most effective way to do this. Pretty sure you can use Microsoft Excel but make sure you used the cloud-based version in Office365. You’ll see why in the next step as I don’t want to make more work for you. Once you create the spreadsheet, you never need to edit it again.

3. Automate Your Evernote Note-taking with Zapier

If you’re not familiar with Zapier, it allows you to connect multiple technologies to one another to automate repetitive tasks. Zapier allows you to control technology rather than allowing technology to control you. It’s free so go signup for an account.

You’re going to create a “Zap” so that every time you tag a note with a specific tag, Zapier will automatically add that note to the spreadsheet that you created. That way whenever you’re ready to create something, you only need to open this spreadsheet as all of your notes will be in one easy-to-find place.

The screenshot shows what your “Zap” should look like. It simply connects Evernote to your Google Spreadsheet and only adds a row to the spreadsheet when certain tags are added to the note.

Evernote is a wonderful tool but like all tools you need to learn how to use it properly in order for it to be truly useful to you. This killer combination of Evernote plus Google Spreadsheets connected with Zapier will reduce the stress of finding information when you need it. Most importantly, it will allow you to get shit done without the distractions of the other notes that you took inside of Evernote.

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