A Very Bad Reality TV Wedding

It was hard to see.

Peering into the fray early last summer, the Republican caucus was in an alarming public disarray. Long shot outsider Donald Trump had tapped into the very marrow of the Republican base. A lust for power, and the willingness to stomp sensibility and trample tradition.

Reince Preibus was handcuffed to a candidate who knew very little about politics. He strapped Mike Pence to him, focusing on the value of a true conservative on the ticket and forging ahead. When Paul Manafort was replaced by the GOP hired gun Kellyanne Conway, the coalition found an unlikely level of success. No one anticipated it.

This wasn’t what anyone wanted. Trump would never have won with a Bannon style VP. Another off the cuff blow hard would have reduced the confidence people had in the ticket. But even when Pence was announced there was a megaphone saying “Trump didn’t want him!” Preibus knew that the Trump sect of the group would bring an incredible lens and public fervor, likely embarrassment. November 9th, two sides with little in common who had joined a reality show hoping to win money and fame by finishing second — took the grand prize and were instantly planning a wedding.

Both sides wanted the White House, they just didn’t want to share it.

Fast forward — Wow! Three months? Usually you have to stay together at least a year to collect the reality show prize. Predictably when the seams began to unravel on the Russian ties, the establishment began to undermine the outsiders. The Russian Investigation could be over by now, but if it ends with Trump President, the establishment is forced to impeach, make the public aware of the truth, and suffer calamitous repricussions of distrust. A massive power play is under way, with the biggest risk being someone taking their ball and going home.

The dismissal of General Flynn was obviously an establishment move. Pence used the opportunity to begin to erode the power structure. The first move in a ballet they hope will result in Trump resigning. If he leaves on his own, suddenly the GOP inherits a stolen seat on the Supreme Court, and a hacked Presidency. Because the establishment controls Congress, they control everything if they can oust Trump. There will be no time table on an investigation if he goes quietly, and a lot of information will be burned to try to keep the Pence administration from crumbling at its onset.

It’s been there, the whole time. Every move, pushing Bannon into roles he didn’t belong in, trying to keep the power structure with the outsiders. Constant leaks. Leaks in opposite directions. Lies, and denial. It is clear that this marriage will not last through its contractual obligation. It was a silent coup from the start.

In the end, the Podesta and DNC email hacks are one of the great red herrings of all time. I’ve looked for legal precedent on overturning the election. It would be worthwhile to at least bring the case for history’s sake. The Republicans are dragging their feet, they’ve even had folks admitting as much. Because they are very near to closing the book on “The Apprentice Goes to Washington” and taking all the marbles.

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