The Future of Personal Payments
Jeremy Allaire

Indeed, p2p payment market is expanding and the technology and UX are starting to mature. I wonder about the other side of the process, settlement. Venmo and PayPal give the illusion of instant p2p payment but there is still a delay in settlement of withdrawn funds to one’s bank account. This delay often goes unnoticed except for individuals that have an urgent need to access and use the funds. This delay can be burdensome to the poor as well as with international remittances. PayPal (and to a lesser degree Venmo) has attempted to increase the utility of funds held on their ledger by establishing payment agreements with businesses but like a Discover Card, many businesses simply do not accept these forms of payment. Might there be an opportunity to merge emerging p2p payment technologies with innovations in settlement that will allow for real-time p2p payment and settlement? I suspect that a unique value proposition within the p2p payment space would be a multi-asset wallet that offers real-time settlement.

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