Your Market Is Everywhere — Africa

As part of an international series aiming to demonstrate how Canadian content creators can benefit from looking beyond their country’s borders, this report provides an overview of the media, technology, and entertainment landscape of Africa considered as a whole, with the exception of South Africa, which is covered by a separate report in this series.

This report provides an overview of the massive infrastructure growth taking place across the African continent, particularly with up-and-coming mobile and OTT platforms that are making products and services available to hundreds of millions.

Acces the report here: Your Market Is Everywhere — Africa

Fast facts:

► There are over a dozen countries in which French is one of the official languages, and the more than 100 million French speakers of these countries make up about half of the world’s French-speaking population.

► Africa has become the fastest-growing market in the world for mobile phones.

► Certain countries, such as Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal, report mobile Internet penetration rates of over 100%.

► There are more than 100 video streaming services available in Africa which are operated by broadcasters, telcos, media companies and pay TV providers.

► Continued uptake of social media platforms is being watched by many in the media and entertainment industries as an important growth area for content consumption in Africa.

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