Raising Maison: Mother hawk

I know its been a while. I was to write about the six months one when bubba started solid feeding. Then came to 7 months when he is now almost weaned having tried almost every baby food. U know weaning is all about introduction of foods to see what works for him and what doesn’t. Like I can tell u Maison hates pumpkins when not mixed up with anything else. He literally throws up. Or holds himself not to. So I incorporated the butternut in his food but never cooked it plain. So he will have fruits like pawpaw, ripe oranges, ripe bananas and Avocados. I used to give them to him puréed but I now just mash them so he can get the fibre too. He is good with potatoes, spinach, pumpkin, plantain all mashed together and mixed with milk for proteins. Sometimes I throw in some cowpeas and egg yolk once a week for that protein. Oh and he likes his porridge too. He is yet to show any signs of being allergic to any food but am crossing my fingers here. At least I know he is not lactose intolerant. He is feeding quite well I can’t complain, unless of course the times he decides to throw tantrums. And I thank God because that could be a headache!

Now the 7 months come with the trying to discover pretty much everything. This is the beginning of watching your child like a hawk. U know those Cross-eyed animals;what is Cross-eyed by the way. U know what I mean😊😊. Omnipresent. Omniscient. If one minute they are not trying to roll out of the couch. They are rolling out the tissue paper and feeding on it. You put their oil down one second to fetch the diaper and next they have dipped their tiny little hands in and smearing themselves or eaten. U know right now everything goes to the mouth. Psychologists call it the oral stage.

This actually is the time when most babies get permanent physical and mental injuries. If not watched closely it can be one of the worst decisions one made leaving their baby alone. Mace is learning to crawl now. He is doing that tummy crawl thing, in reverse. Haha. He can now flip from tummy to back and vice versa. And sit comfortably without support and play with his toys. Now we have to get used to that melody coming out of his baby walker when he plans to press all the buttons as he moves around hitting stuff. Am happy he likes it.

I do not take it for granted to be able to watch my child grow. It is priceless. I did not do anything to the Almighty worthy of seeing my son grow to this healthy and active little angel. So some things happen for a reason. Not being in a formal employment right now has its advantages. But I wonder how working stay at home mums do it. It is not as easy as they make it look. So many distractions but its a hustle my people.

Oh and he refuses to say Mum. All he says is Baba and Tata. Baba u are lucky! Its okay very soon I will have enough of the Mum! Mama! Maaaa!