Glendale Water and Power Installs Its First Battery Energy Storage System

A photo during construction of the battery storage system. Credit: GWP

Glendale Water & Power (GWP) announced Tuesday it has installed a new 2 megawatt battery energy storage system (BESS) adjacent to the Grandview Substation.

GWP called the system “one of the fastest responding storage systems for any municipal utility in Southern California,” providing rapid response to load changes as well as increased capacity.

The BESS also could serve as an backup energy source to start up power plants, aid response to unplanned service disruptions, and help the utility mitigate the intermittent nature of generation from renewable resources.

Eventually BESS could lead to battery systems at larger scale, GWP said.

“This BESS is a small scale system that GWP will use to gain experience in the use of battery storage and eventually to use that experience to develop and incorporate a larger scale battery component into its energy system. GWP will utilize and evaluate the BESS as it is integrated into the daily system and from there to expand the operation to include additional and larger battery storage projects as a key component of its resource portfolio. The full scale BESS will support the integration of renewable resources by mitigating the intermittent energy supplied by renewable resources such as photovoltaic and wind,” GWP explained.

“Embracing innovative technologies puts GWP in the forefront of municipal utilities that are seeking to improve electric reliability,” said Steve Zurn, general manager of Glendale Water and Power.

The project, facilitated by Skylar Resources, was constructed by BETA Engineering with batteries supplied by SAFT America. For more information, visit

Installed equipment includes:

52 Ft. Steel H-Frame.
 69kV GIS Breaker.
 2MVA, 69kV-373V Power Transformer.
 2MVA Inverter (PCS.)
 2MW Battery Energy Storage System.