Report Available: New APPA Primer on the Federal Power Act

The American Public Power Association has written a high-level overview of the Federal Power Act to help educate stakeholders about the statute.

The Federal Power Act — the principal federal statute providing regulation of the electric utility industry in the U.S. — was passed in 1935 and amended four times since then.

The APPA primer summarize the Federal Power Act’s three parts — hydroelectric licensing, public utility regulation, and general and administrative provisions — and describes in detail the purpose and provisions of public utility regulation (part II of the Act).

Topics include:

— Preserving State and Local Regulation

— Who Is Regulated Under Part II?

— What Regulation Does Part II Authorize?

— Significant Provisions of Part II

APPA notes that the provisions of the Federal Power Act’s part II “apply only to interstate transmission and wholesale sales and not to any other sale of electric energy. All retail sales are left to state or local regulation.”

Click here to read APPA’s primer on the Federal Power Act.

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