CryptoMiner World Country Sale Launch

Country Sale Launches Nov 28th 1:00pm EST

What is the Country Sale all about?
Countries are a profit generator for you. Buy a country and you will receive 10% of every plot of land bought in your country! The bigger the country, the more expensive, but also the more money you make. The amount of land plots in a country is set and will not change. The price of each plot is also set and will not change. This allows us to show you a precise minimum return on investment (ROI) of each country.

For example, the smallest country that will be sold is Comoros. It will cost 0.00533 ETH. After all plots are bought, the country owner will make 0.016 ETH. That is 3 times what it costs to buy it. That is a pretty awesome ROI. But remember, the bigger the country, the higher the ROI! Russia, the largest country in the game, costs 15.73 ETH, and earns its owner 125.84 ETH after all plots are sold! That is 8 times what it costs! a 700% ROI All of those numbers are just the minimum you can make after selling all of your plots. As a country owner, you will also make 2% of every plot that is resold on the player-to-player Market.

This is a source of passive income. Country owners do not need to do anything. Just buy the country and then that’s it. ETH will automatically be deposited into your account every time a plot is bought in your country.

The total amount to buy all the countries is just under 225 ETH. The minimum amount that all countries will make their owners earn is 1,000 ETH!!!!!

Here you can view all the country prices and how much ETH they will generate.

That is a sneak peak of the country sale page. Design tweaks are still being made. Dark colors mean the country is still available. Light colors mean it has been bought. The magenta ones are the ones that you are selecting to buy.