Translation Projects

Hello. I’m hedal(or GM Meiji), the director of “Black Survival”.

I wish more people could easily play this game. For that, I realized that playing the game in one’s native language is a very important issue.

We develop this game in Korean, English and Japanese. We also translate from English into 13 other languages. We are a small indie game developer, so we are not capable of perfect localization. Instead, with the help of the users who love this game, we are able to carry out such a large-scale translation project.

If you are interested in translating Black Survival from English to your native language, please come to Black Survival Translation Discord.

The translation is using an open source platform called It could be cumbersome, but you have to join zanata to be able to participate.

I am deeply grateful to the volunteers for translation. We give some tiny gifts for them. Even it’s too small compared to their great help.
- We write most contributed translaotor’s name on game credit. 2~4 names for each language could be listed.
- If you have spent more than 3 hours in translation, you will be given a limited edition skin that you can not purchase now or some gems.

The situation is slightly different for each language. But for all languages, I welcome all those who are willing to help.

In-house: English and Japanese.
We translate directly in the dev team. It always keep the latest updates, but it has a lot of awkward parts, so I want you to help me fix the translation.

Beta service: Spanish and Thai.
Translated for core play is complete. We still need additional translations of the updated parts and scenarios.

In review: Chinese(Simplified), Indonesian, Russian and Vietnamese
The rough translation is complete, but the quality of the translation is very low. Users who know this game should review and correct it.

Translating: Chinese(Traditional), German and Portuguese
The rough translation will be completed within a week or two. I also need help because the quality of the translation would be very low. Not just now, but a week or two later.

User-led translation: French, Italian and Turkish
Some users have been translating from the beginning. The quality of the translation is good but lots to do. I am also seeking help.

I’m a novice developer, so I’m going to have a lot of mistakes. I hope you to point out my shortcomings with generosity.

Thank you.