Where Have I Been?

To start things off I’ll quickly let you know the reason for me being incognito for so long in terms of my activity on social media as far as fitness posts/blogging goes.

As I have recently just graduated from University out here in Texas I have to now think of my next move. To be quite honest I’m shitting myself, for 4 years I’ve lived the dream of being a full time student-athlete. Everything has been done for me, my ass has literally been wiped for me for the last 4 years. Now it’s time for me to go out into the real word. Therefore, to put it quite simply the reason for my absence has been STRESS among a number of other things.

Anyone that knows me knows that I never ever get stressed. I’ve always kinda lived by the whole loosey goosey through life taking each day as it comes. But now that it’s got to this point I’m scared shitless. I don’t know if it’s the fear of what other people think, not living up to expectations placed on myself, or not making my family proud. As well as all this I have to make the decision to either leave the US and return to Inverness, or stay here in the States by myself and take a chance. So yeah this is why I’ve been absent for so long.

NOW taking this stress into fitness and how it had an effect on me. Well it’s not been too bad if I’m completely honest. I feel a slight decrease in motivation at times, however I use the gym as a place to escape from everything (that didn’t sound as gay in my head as it does written down). With stress comes a thing called cortisol, cortisol levels are increased in ones body when they feel stressed. This has a number of negative effects on the body:

  • Increased Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Trouble Building Muscle

The list is endless. Anyway, the only thing I’ve really been effected by is trouble sleeping as it’s currently 4:25am here in Texas and I’m wide awake!!! Other than this I’ve been fine, with the occasional bout of fatigue. My diet also hasn’t been as good as I’d like but I’m still seeing progress. And in terms of my plan of doing a show this year, well I had far too much going on, so that’ll have to wait.

Anyway, this was kind of a self centred post but just want to let people know why I’ve not been so active lately. I know nobody probably really gives a shit but just don’t want people thinking I’ve just given up or been lazy. I just had to prioritise my responsibilities!

I plan to get back into posting more blogs again basically because I enjoy it. However, I’m going to take down my CMcFit IG/FB page because I see it serving no real purpose other than trying to replicate every other fitness figure out there on social media. I really just want to post these blogs to share info and help people out in the gym!! Then if it’s right I’ll start a real page when I hopefully earn my PT certificates within the year.

Again, sorry for the this self centred post but it’ll be back to usual posts in the coming days!!


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