City of Lights


#Dressed — for the weather.

Whether or not, the dress is

The opposite of weathered.

Catch me in the right light.

Elle magazine-

(This issue’s black and white.)

Sun hits the mind in the right kind a way.

Inspired by the warmth while -

Reflecting on reflections du soleil.

Ray’s got the rays covered.


Understand — that the smiles long gone.

But the lipstick still pops off

At the very sight of a jardin.

Used to it. #motivation

It’s called acclimation.

Put this look in the Le Louvre and

Send me an email confirmation.

I’ll get to it. #connected

When I get a second.

Right now I’m busy waking up #flawless.

Hard to care when the Bordeaux’s runnin’ from the faucet.

Damsel. #LateNightSessions

Only distress is the confessions.

Usher peeped the look–

Said this style’s strait oppression.

Let it burn. #tbt

This bourgeoisie is magic to me.

Assume the white doves, homie.

Then turn around and consume a pain au chocolat in white gloves, homie.

Old school royalty. #FollowMe

Old school friends catching new school loyalty.

Surrounding the presence like they poser paparazzi-

After half of these fakes staking claim like they mon amie–

After the fact.

After the facts-

Checked out. While I got checked out.

While swipin’ the nearest credit card while I got checked out.

Pay it back later.

Pay me a visit- if I’m back later.

Here’s a hint– I won’t be. #Later

The city of lights is calling,

No time for haters.

I’m #Dressed.

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