Hair stylist Martin Rodriguez

California balayage hand painted hair coloring by Martin Rodriguez using a combination of various tones that compliment the clients skin tone.

California Balayage blonde with various tones

Your hair says a lot about you. The style can express sophistication at work and then be set free to a playful mood for a night on the town. But your hair color is an expression much more important, that should enhance each style no matter the mood. Unlike shoes, handbags, or clothes, your hair color cannot be changed from a morning at work to a party at night. Don’t settle for an ameture colorist. You deserve quality.

Actress Tia Barr ,Hair By Martin Rodriguez

In my thirty six years of experience doing hair, I have seen numerous trends in both the application of color products as well as cuts and styling. Many of these trends that I have seen are borrowing from other eras, decades or even centuries in the past. The 80’s for example, have always reminded me of the Victorian Era. Both of these time periods were characterized by styles that strived to look unnatural. Colors and styles revealed the effort of curling, pinning, coloring and teasing the hair. In the Victorian Era many women used an array of wigs, while hair in the 80’s often looked like wigs.

Today in hair coloring the biggest thing is French Balayage Hair painting.

1. Balayage literally translates to “sweeping.” When done correctly, the colorist takes a small section of hair and sweeps the color using a gradient technique going from dark to lightter onto the top. Then, he or she uses a ColourWand paddle to apply more color toward the bottom of the hair creating melting blended color. This method of lightening towards the ends gives the colorist more control and creates the effortless gradient sun-kissed highlights everyone wants this time of year.

2. It’s not just for blondes. Martin uses balayage techniques applications on , Brunette — redheaded clients for multi-dimensional coloring.

“Hair color that is all one shade can look Un-natural and without contrast and vibrant tones like a wig,” Martin says. 
3. It works on gray hair. Balayage is a smart solution for gray hair because it allows the colorist to specifically target gray strands without touching the scalp we can use multiple colors.

4. If You have long hair we should cut, then color. In most salons, women get their hair colored, cut, and blow-dried by a stylist.

Booking your trim before coloring your colorist can work specifically to compliment the cut, which minimizes the risk of chopping off the pretty, lighter ends (and ruining the effect).
5. Please don’t wash your hair before . If you’re adding highlights with balayage, you should come with oily hair to protect the scalp. But if you’re getting a single process, it’s better to come as you are, Martin Rodriguez Founder of ColourWand balayage tools & Education says.

Red hair coloring

The Ombre hair color is one of the most popular hair color techniques that has People all over the world . Ombre better know as Balayage Hair painting in the USA, Is a great way to get soft hair coloring without the commitment of being back to the salon every four weeks, The Choices of hair color ideas are endless. Say’s hair stylist colorist Martin Rodriguez from Ooh la la salon spa in Fountain Valley ca, Always have your stylist or colorist give you the best hair color tones that will compliment your skin tone, Today’s Ombre Balayage hair color is more blended, Rather than just dipping the ends blonde. For a much more natural color it,s a great idea to use more than one color tone on any shade of hair.

Ombre hair color has being around for many years, Todays ombre is more blended colors than ever before using various coloring tones for a more natural look.

Do not confuse Ombre Balayage with traditional highlighting. The traditional highlighting technique uses aluminum foil to ad hair color or to lighten hair, often leaving harsh lines and extreme color contrast if not done properly. You’re hair color should Inviting and healthy with lots of tones.

The Balayage a french sweaping motion and hand painting techniques can be done in a subtle way without the harsh extreme color popping out , using more than one color gives your hair a beautiful effect of light and dark shadows, This effect stands out more on layered hair due to the style of freedom and movement. Balayage or California Sun-kiss is a perfect color for All year around. Its the perfect color for any one that does not want to commit to having color done every four weeks. This coloring technique can be done in my colors, Not just Blonde.