The day I stumbled on BRILLIANCE

To this day I am still mad at myself for not writing down the date and the time, down to the second. I’m an entrepreneur, and as I would assume most liked minded folks would do, I was perusing Youtube to pick up any knowledgable videos on anything from sales to prospecting to daily motivation. That’s the day I stumbled on this video and it blew my mind!!!

After I watched it at least 3 times I thought to myself ‘who in the world is Grant Cardone and why have I not heard of him???’ This guy just appeared on my screen rolling on a sales call and I had not heard of him??? Let’s just say that changed quickly. I immediately added training time to my schedule each morning, listening to audio books while in the car, and following him on any and all social media outlets for any other little nuggets that he or his team were giving away. Yes, giving away!


Because if you’re not studying and learning, you’re dying… if you’re not growing and gaining new skills, the end is near for you and your business. If you quit learning you just quit…period!!!

It would take a lot of space to review all of the content that I’ve watched, listened to, and read from Grant. So I’ve narrowed this post down to 3.

Top 3 things that stand out to what I’ve learned from Grant…thus far.

Obscurity is your biggest problem. NOBODY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE!!! HELLO….. If you’re not getting attention you can’t grow your business. Doesn’t matter what you’re selling, if no one knows you or your product you might as well close up shop.

You’ve got to 10x everything. Growing and changing the way you think is crucial. If you can only think small then you’ll never grow or hit any goals no matter what. Multiple anything and everything by 10 and you’ll be successful. You’ve gotta GROW your THINK!

Success is my duty, obligation, and responsibility. This quote is just ridiculous. I have a duty, obligation, and responsibility to my family, myself and my community to be successful. It’s not something I can run from or pass off to anyone else. It’s me, taking a stand, and doing what too many can’t do these days and that’s make a commitment to being successful!!!

I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Grant Cardone has got the tools to add to your skills, trust me I haven’t even scratched the surface. Check him out for yourself and get your cop of The 10X Rule!

Thanks for reading.

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