The Gone-Awry Wedding Photos

I am sure, right after our very own Lee siblings’ drama, this horribly-gone-wrong wedding photos and the drama that came along certainly will catch our attention and indeed, it had all of us completely riveted. I too spent significant amount of time closely following the news but I realised very soon after that the entire hoo-ha was a complete hogwash.

After the legendary woman posted her rants on Facebook along with those not-so-great photos, many people shared it and even lauded it for its great social content or her humorous writing. For me who is constantly trying to hone my art of writing to my personal best, I took it as an affront. What is first-date-and-you-clog-the-toilet-with-your-pangsai bad –I didn’t know we need to resort to such vernaculars to be great in writing or generating excellent social content in today’s context. Whatever happens to class?

There is no doubt this is great social content, but tasteless notheless. Cherry-picking photos that shows everyone’s the ugliest side of you and your guest, is showing disrespect to yourself and the rest of the people featured. The world I live in asks permission before publishing somebody else’s contents. By the look of it, the guests seemed equally shocked by their own photos as much as yours. You probably think you are offering a comic relief — by employing a humorous tone in the entire post along with the ugliest photos you could find out of 900 photos that were given to you, you are in fact shooting yourself in the foot. You are inviting and permitting people to make fun of the badly-taken photos, of yourself and your guests.

People often say Millennials have little regard over consequences. True enough, you have indeed lived up to that reputation. To you, you may think it is comical posting ugly photos of yourself and guests — naught of evil intentions but pure humour. But to the adults and the more experienced people, the simple action of posting it publicly will have it spiraled out of proportion. Indeed, the sneering of the online community was so strong that the photographer had to own up, but many of the culprits were indifferent — quick to even ridicule him for that.

I felt really angry about it. Very angry and indignant that the world I live in has become so unkind.

I admit that the photos weren’t fabulous, but the disgusting online community was ruthless enough to lift him higher up the hall of shame. In today’s era where people kill themselves because of their inability to perform their best at work or at home, do we need to enforce such an inhumane culture of shaming? Rather than giving people a chance to explain or even some tiny virtual space for improvement, the online community chose to ridicule at the expense of other people’s misery.

Predictably, the saga SPUN out of its web, spinning more questions and doubts. Were you cherry-picking the photos? So you have paid only S$3,000 for all-in-one package and are you expecting stellar results? You have only met him the day of your wedding and are you expecting the photographer to know the concept you want?

It is blessing for you that you’ve got a lot more than you could bargain for — complimentary photoshoot, wedding dress and make-up to make up for the lousy experience. But nothing is going to mar your ugly and hypocritical attempt in flaming and shaming a photographer, albeit a pedestrian one.

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