Lollipop Moments

Dear Friends,

I’ve heard a lot of conversations this week about activism and advocacy. What is enough? What is your role? How can you contribute to a better world?

Many of you may have already seen this video by Drew Dudley on everyday leadership. I was reminded of this video because of Bruce and I’s weekly visit to Bay Leaf Café, an Indian restaurant a few blocks from our house. We know the staff on a first-name basis and our server really wanted to share her recent excitement about moving to a farm outside of town and also her dreams to pursue a Masters in the Social Work Administrative Program (SWAP). Since we have a lot of SWAP grads at CPPR and also do a lot of administrative social work, I offered that maybe she could come pay us a visit at CPPR. She was so excited and I received an email from her shortly after midnight following up.

I share this story because in November, we typically focus on what we are grateful for and what others have given us. I’m going to challenge you to focus on what you can give to others. One of the biggest actions that we can do is to show others that we see and acknowledge them and their differences. You can change someone’s life by noticing something or giving them encouragement. Sometimes this comes in the form of a difficult conversation or feedback. Sometimes a lollipop moment comes in the form of a casual conversation and introducing a new path of possibility. Sometimes a lollipop moment comes with a smile and kindness that gives that person the courage they need to continue. At any rate, don’t underestimate yourself. You are powerful and can be a a lollipop moment. Everyone needs someone to believe in them. Don’t underestimate your role in being part of someone else’s hope and resilience journey.

Drew Dudley — Everyday Leadership

Have a great short week.