Cutting Supplements: Fat Burning Stack

Cutting Supplements: Fat Burning Stack


I still remember the first time I took my first pre-workout drink, my body was buzzing! I must have been 18 or 19 years old at the time. I was just beginning my journey into the fitness world, and I had no idea what supplements were or how to use them properly. Young, dumb, and innocent I guess you would say.

Never before had I felt the effects of caffeine so strongly, my body was definitely not use to it. It had a very power effect on me, especially because before this time in my life I never had drinks with caffeine in them, besides the occasional soda pop. Heck I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 21! Even to this day I don’t drink much coffee.

As time went on and after years of training and knowledge gathering I narrowed down the supplements that would work best for myself and my health.

I came up with a specific stack I use only when cutting fat from my body. I will share them with you here.

Cutting Supplements:

L-Carnitine — is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. This supplement helps oxidize fat by transferring long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are oxidized to produce energy. It also works as I appetite suppressant as well, and has been shown to reduce fatigue.

BCAA — branched chain amino acids include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The main reason I incorporate BCAA’s is to keep my muscle fed. When you are cutting you’re in a caloric restriction, and it’s important to keep you protein intake high, so that your muscles are consistently supplied with fuel. BCAA’s help this process.

Drop factor — is a fat burner. Its biggest benefit that it provides is the caffeine. It also has cayenne pepper, grape skin extract, broccoli extract spinach powder, and a number of other ingredients.

Yohimbine — is an indole alkaloid derived from the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree in Central Africa. This is best combined with drop factor and taken on an empty stomach. Yohimbine helps burn fat as well as provide an increase in energy.

The four supplements above I take only when I am cutting fat from my body, mixed with a great diet, and exercise. The next three supplements that I am going to share I supplement year round no matter what I am doing.

Year Round Supplements:

Fish Oil — fish oil is a great anti-inflammatory. It helps with joint pain, skin, body function, gut health, heart health, lifts depression, and a few other thing. By far my favorite supplement, and I take this one year round, as most of us do not eat enough fish to get in the amount of fish oil we need for the day.

Creatine — helps with strength by supplying energy to cells all over the body — particularly muscle cells. I take 5 grams of this every day year round.

Turmeric Powder — is another amazing anti-inflammatory like fish oil. I will mixed a teaspoon in a 8oz glass of water and jug it down right before I head to bed.

Supplements can be great if use correctly. By no means do you need supplements to lose fat, or gain muscle. Supplements are just that, to supplement your already great diet. If you aren’t eating right or exercising some of these supplements will have very little effect and be useless.

I explain more in this video below.

Originally published at on January 26, 2016.

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