Bernie Sanders Will Not be the Democratic Nominee, No Matter What Happens in the Primaries
Eoin Higgins

I have been looking at the democrat endorsements of

Sanders and Clinton.

As it stood about a week ago,

Clinton has been endorsed by 148 of the members from the

House and Sanders has the endorsement of 2.

One of these, Grijalva,

has endorsed both candidates.

Of the democrat Senators,

37 of the 46 have endorsed Clinton while

1 Senator - Sanders himself - has endorsed Sanders.

As far as I know, these are all “superdelegates.”

Beyond this, if you look at the (so-called) progressive caucus,

Sanders has those same three endorsements listed above while

Clinton has been endorsed by 57 “progressives” who have NOT

endorsed the only member of their caucus from the Senate.

Clinton has about 80% of the endorsements and Sanders

has about 2 to 3%.

Clinton has loads of other “superdelegate” endorsements

from governors and other insiders. Sanders has 2 representatives

and himself.

About 20% of the delegates are “superdelegates” in the

(un)democratic convention and, as it now stands,

Sanders will have to get about 60% of the regular delegates

in order to overcome the system which is rigged

to ensure the DLC’s choice.

Even if sanders gets over 60% of the delegates

(which is HIGHLY unlikely), there would still be the option

of arm-twisting and bribery used by the dominant members.

When Sanders said he would support whoever gets

the nomination, he set himself and his supporters up

for failure.

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