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Sep 28, 2018 · 2 min read

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Check out the new CPUcoin explainer video. We highly everybody to like and subscribe to the CPUcoin youtube channel.

CPUcoin is creating a cutting edge Infrastructure-as-a-Service that reduces current costs and lets you earn money with unused CPU power. This is the missing DServices platform for DApps. Pay as you go with CPUcoin.

Today’s very popular adoption of mobile, web and now blockchain enabled DApps (Decentralized Applications) has created a need for a reliable back-end technology that can be easily scaled and is low-cost. Nearly 100 million servers and more than two billion computers and mobile devices are running at any given time. Of those, roughly 30% are sitting idle. CPUcoinintends on tapping into these resources and put them to effective use by creating a sharing economy for DServices (Decentralized Server Applications).

CPUcoin is creating a first of its kind Content Generation Network (CGN) that reduces current infrastructure costs and lets anyone earn money with their unused CPU power. This unique Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering is flexible, scalable and ideally suited for B2B and consumer organizations alike.


  • Highly scalable — Always available compute resources
  • Flexible — The CPUcoin IaaS solution has zero fixed recurring costs
  • Fast — Enables edge connectivity and delivery on a global scale
  • Resourceful — Enables a new sharing economy for unused computing power
  • Adaptive — Cutting-edge hybrid architecure enables full support for microservices

Technical Information:
CPUcoin has coined the term “DService” to describe the services component of cloud-based applications and DApps that run in the CGN. The first DService — MediaGen, handles all kinds of content transformation, is time-tested and blindingly fast, has been licensed to deliver performance and scalable content services out-of-the-box. Moreoever, MediaGen represents over $100M in R&D. This DService is licensed to provide immediate value to the project.

Anyone will have the ability to develop their own DServices and run them in the CGN.

A new utility token called CPUcoin will enable any customer to pay as they go. The new currency called CPUcoin will enable pay as you go functionality and provides a real utility token model for any DApp or client application. This levels the playing field for any sized organization to make scalable client/server apps without all the up-front infrastructure costs. The native currency of the CGN, CPUcoin is used to pay for all consumption of services and to pay out to the many providers of idle computer time.


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