CPUcoin Testnet Launch

May 8 · 3 min read

CPUcoin has just launched the first version of its TestNet 0.1.0 Demo, together with a sample dApp website that can be used to activate the network and watch it operate. An innovative component of TestNet is called the Content Generation Network (CGN), a decentralized computing platform (infrastructure as a service) capable of executing high volumes of real-time computational work by utilizing any number of connected Miner machines. This has allowed us to create a strong network of worker nodes that contribute CPU and GPU power (and bandwidth) for the purpose of supporting a dApp’s computational needs, all smoothly orchestrated by the CGN.

While CPUcoin will operate the CGN for now, soon anybody can launch a Miner and connect it to the CGN to receive and execute work. The CGN always knows which Miners are working and which are idle, and efficiently sends incoming work to an available Miner. The chosen Miner will get the work done instantly by activating the dApp’s paired dService, already installed on the Miner machine. The system is highly resilient to the connectivity of Miners. Even when Miners go offline or fail to complete work, the CGN reacts immediately to manage resources by having other Miners complete the work. The end result is that CGN reliable completes work, and the dApp will not experience outages despite fluctuations in the availability of Miners .

In an upcoming release, Miners will receive compensation in the form of our token “CPU Coin” in return for offering compute resources to the CGN. This creates a new way for anybody with a spare PC to generate income while the machine is otherwise sitting idle. We like to think of our project as the “Air BnB” of CPU and GPU power.

Security is a top priority, and we have built the Miner so that dServices and the host environment cannot share data, intentionally or otherwise, through the strategic use of containerization and light virtualization. All connections to the CGN from Miners are outbound, and typically the Miner operator will not have to configure a firewall to achieve full connectivity.

For TestNet 0.1.0 Demo, we have focused our solution on our initial dService “MediaGen”, a decentralized service providing high-performance, enterprise-grade document ingestion and rendering together with a general-purpose, fully scriptable image processing engine. The public demo dApp which we provide is based on a product called Publisher, made by our sister company Equilibrium. Our CGN-enabled Publisher dApp offers a web-based visual interface for trying out a number of resource-intensive media processing tasks, together with a panel for visualizing the connected Miners working together to generate content in response to actions taken in the dApp.

Our longer-term vision is to operate a great many regional CGN’s worldwide, with millions of Miners connected across the globe, all performing the work of a large number of dServices on behalf of a great many dApps, websites and mobile devices. We have identified at least 30 categories of dService business opportunities that will drive adoption of our network. Our goal is to launch a new economy that will monetize CPU and GPU power in real time, both on the buy side and on the sell side, while reducing environmental impact by leveraging the low cost of already available idle power as compared to the high costs of building, powering and operating even more new servers in data centers.

Originally published at https://medium.com on May 8, 2019.


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Creating the Content Generation Network. For more information please visit: https://cpucoin.io/

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