A Safer, Pest-Free Environment

When it comes to insects, it seems as though they like to eat everything that we do (and some things that we don’t.) So when it comes time to exterminate them from our residence, we have to resort to toxic chemicals that would harm us if someone sprayed it on all of our food. And when we have family members who spend time closer to the areas where insects like to congregate such as small children and pets, it becomes more likely that these harmful chemicals will end up hurting them as well as the insects.

Introducing BioLogic Insecticide

This is where BioLogic Insecticide comes into play. BioLogic uses an FDA approved, all natural, low-cost edible substance and weaponizes it against insects. The best part about it, is that because it is an edible substance, it does not harm humans or animals, making it the perfect bug-only toxin to place around the interior of your house.

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