Increase Efficiency by Location Bugs Faster

Although having the job title ‘software engineer’ or ‘software architect’ sounds exciting, there is a real downside to working in the programming industry. Many programmers will admit that they spend more of their time fixing software errors than they do creating new software. Far too often, this process will take so long that new software will go on the market with a multitude of bugs still in place. And by the time the software is 99% bug-free, it is already out-of-date.

Designed with Software Engineers in Mind

Thankfully, we’ve been able to put some of the best and brightest software engineers on the case, and they have developed a revolutionary solution. Known as Software Bug Localization, this new and improved Information Retrieval (IR) model points software development teams to the source of their coding errors so they can fix them up to 80% faster than with existing solutions.

Impressive Accuracy Rates Give a Competitive Edge

Software Bug Localization takes into account the spatial code proximity and term ordering relationships in a code base for improved retrieval accuracy. The retrieval framework uses a fuzzy matching mechanism between the term blocks of the queries and the source code. With Software Bug Localization’s retrieval framework, you obtain significantly higher bug localization accuracies that outperform all other state-of-the-art approaches by 30%– even those programs that take development history into account.