The Year Social Media Took Over Your Life — 2017

The connected age is more than here. We all have helped this age develop and grow, providing data and feedback to the platforms we use to get the best experience possible. We have reached a critical mass, where companies have a great understanding of our needs and desires, and are making big moves to position themselves as our favorite means to communicate. It is no longer about winning us over, it is about keeping us around. Here are some of the biggest ways companies will be utilizing Social Media to connect with you in 2017:

  • Going Live: Its already a huge phenomenon. The ability to go live has turned every Tom, Dick and Harry into their own production company; just like YouTube did, but with much more impact. Prepare to be bombarded by your friends and brands with what they are up to taking over your news feeds.
  • Micro-Influencing: Powerful data has been generated over the years that has allowed companies to target their markets on a super-level, one that let them know a certain message will be effective in a very specific region. Now, that data has gone even further to allow companies to target even smaller amounts of people and gain a larger success rate. You’ll see a lot more ads and content meant only for you and your town — seriously.
  • More Paid Promotion: All big bloggers and vloggers got to where they are because they provided amazing content that drew in viewers which brought in advertisers which increases revenue. In 2017, you are going to see more and more paid content, where advertisers partner with the bloggers and influencers to create more bang for their buck.
  • Personalized C2B Communication: We have flushed out some amazing messaging apps over the years that have started to move us away from traditional text messaging. Companies are now working on providing customer service programs that allow you to communicate through these messenger systems, which is a more comfortable form of communication for most people.
  • Social Storytelling Evolution: Facebook, Twitter — these platforms always allowed us to tell our story, but with the addition of Instagram and SnapChat over the years we have moved into an era where each one of us is using our phones to create elaborate stories in our everyday moments.
  • Death to Text: Even with messaging apps being all the rage, we are a very image based society. With that, look to see less text in your ads, with image and video based content getting moved to the head of the line.
  • The Fight Against Fake News: It is no secret, 2016 was filled with a lot of interesting stories, but unfortunately, many outlets, in their rush to be first or break a big story, broke tales that were completely false. Because of this, many of us were caught-up going off the handle against loved ones positioned on either side of the story. In 2017, Social Media platforms will aim to put a stop to these news stories.

What are you most excited for in 2017 when it comes to using social media? How do you plan to utilize it to better yourself or your brand? Leave your answer in the comments below, and If you have any questions, contact me! —

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