Health Care in Canada

Always room for improvement

In Canada we have 3 political parties. The Conservatives, New Democratic Party and Liberals. The NDP is the newest political party. Tommy Douglas was the leader at the beginning and positioned the party to have input into social issues. The social issues made him a socialist. Not communist, nowhere near. The health care came about because of him and his influence at the time. The NDP never have been in power federally. They have been in the provincial level. Now there is no co-payment, no hospital charges, no doctor bills. Drug plan is not included, except for seniors. As I said the NDP were never in a position on their own to make this happen. When a non-majority results, then the party with the fewest seats can help with a deal with the sitting party to get things passed. They agreed and vote with the party in charge, they got the Health care bill passed. Tommy Douglas was the grandfather of Keifer Sutherland and father-in-law of Donald Sutherland. Never has the Health Care Plan been played with by Liberals or Conservatives. Several decades have passed since it’s inception.