Why I love trump, not

Why I contribute to Medium? Specifically why I respond to what Allan Ishac writes and posts. To keep it simple, things that happen in The United States of America sometimes spill over into Canada. Your present President has a almost driven need to upset the apple cart, sometimes twice a day. The apples being round, they do roll quite a piece. They even swim to many other far away places. Or think of a large swimming pool, filled to the very top. You’ve got a picture of that, now add Trump jumping into it on the hour every hour. Now each time the spillage is quite substantial, quite a lot of the spill ends up spreading quite far. After each time he has his people, yes he has people, fill it up again. Now he thinks people will respond and do what he says, but they just laugh and get on with their business, ignoring him. His influence as a landlord never got him any friends. His influence as a president has been filled with controversy but he keeps on upsetting the apple cart and jumping in the pool full to the brim and creating chaos around his country and around the world. So cut down his apple tree and fill his pool to the brim with cement.