History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Massive load of bs by a jerk who wants to get us into a war with Russia, which is exactly what is driving left wingers away from the Democratic Party. As for Brexit’s evil — and I agree it was a dumb choice for the UK — it had far more to do with the ignoring of economic issues facing people in rural areas than it did with racism. The same applies to Clinton. Not everyone who is voting Trump likes him or even agrees with him. It’s just that rich liberals have sacrificed everyone from coal miners to low income car owners on the alter of things like climate change (as just one example) while they have made no sacrifices themselves. In fact, Clinton is often seen arm in arm with corporate CEO slime. The poor understand far more clearly how they are being screwed and the younger generation is increasingly among that socioeconomic class. And they aren’t buying into the hubris or this writer’s next “humanitarian” war.

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