The Cost of Getting Into Crystals
Audrey Ference

Do crystals work?


Who knows? Who knows how anything works?

Science. And pretty much everyone who kept awake at school and didn’t fall for ancient stupid superstitions, be they gussied up in “New-Age” flim-flam or not.

What is real?

Crystals, microwave ovens, and all the rest of the things in the world are real. Only some of them do something for real, and some don’t.

On the one hand, how could a rock sitting a few feet away from you do anything?

It can’t.

On the other hand, who among us can really explain how a microwave makes food hot?

A microwave (oven) makes food hot by bombarding it with microwave radiation (hence the name) from a magnetron in the oven. This excites the molecules in the food so they start to vibrate, and since molecular vibration is heat, that makes the food hot. See, I could explain that. So can any (other) idiot with access to a Web browser: .

Not knowing that is OK; we’re all ignorant about everything before we learn it. Claiming that it is unknowable, and positively boasting one’s ignorance on the Internet for all to see, is not OK.

Making such an idiotic claim in support of a sham, scam, stupid “New-Age” flim-flam superstition like “the power of crystals” is positively shameful.

Shame on you.

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