Anti-German Pro-Russian Stench

There has been a VERY powerful and distinct anti-Merkel pro-Russian stench appearing in the political Far Right e-mouths in UK and US and my nostrils over the last 12 months or so. Now where was that brewed up? Certainly is not the “Voice of the People”. Maybe mingled with the smell of 1000 different performance enhancing Olympian drugs?

Q: “How long after 2017 will it be before we confirm the following “Dirty Dozen”:

1. The House of Saud is fully cowed and placated, with OPEC dead-in-the-water.

2. The Persians are suddenly and surprisingly friends and business partners.

3. A “Deal” has been struck to keep Assad in place as a Russian run puppet.

4. Erdogan is just a fine stand up guy and is assured the Kurds will be kept down once again after all their sterling efforts thanks very much.

5. US oil companies (Rex Tillerson’s Exxon-Mobil, basically) are back busily squirrelling away in S. Iraq, “helping” Iran develop it’s vast Oil & Gas reserves with the best technology?

6. Russian natural gas supplies to Europe have been assured for 25 years.

7. Merkel out and a new guy is more open to Russian/Turkish interests.

8. Tri-partite backroom talks allowing Chinese extended trade interests in SE Asia with Vlad plus GOP deal to back off.

9. Plain clothes military and educational Red Army advisors active in Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo.

10. Fuck the Syrian refugees. Who gives a shit?

11. The Baltic States are being pushed, prodded and otherwise prepared for “incursions” under pretexts related to “security” and Russian populace.

12. There is a very bad smell pervading.