Dosvidanya Suckers

It may have been suspected by some now that this was not an accident. There is no chance that Mr. Trump is this stupid or/and ignorant. He is in fact a smart very nasty little cookie in the jar. The fact that he chose the Montenegran President Filip Vujanović to push to one side, who won on a very tight result in 2013, is highly relevant. The Russkies are very pissed off. This is what it is. Oleg Deripaska. Coastal territory. It’s their back yard as they see it.

The whole theatricality of the Big Man’s actions shows they really are going through with Mr. Bannon’s far right anarchist idea to “tear the whole thing down”. The whole DT show is partially deliberate and somewhat planned. It is interesting to speculate what “Partially Deliberate” might mean here.

The saddest thing is, all those poor old folk (sic) who voted the way they did in America and Great Britain were not voting to “Make Things Great Again” or take back their countries borders. In fact, as ever with these things — quite the opposite.

Quite possibly you would imagine, one of the most embarrassing acts by a politician you will ever see on a screen, but really rather smart:

But the show matters not, because DT is not in charge in the US for the moment and never was or will be, as the indomitable “Jester Actual” pointed out some time ago. Read the whole article from 28th January 2017, but this was one of a couple that has suddenly made some realise what was going on and that The Big Don Trump Vaudeville Cabaret Show was just for consumption and distraction.

This today from John Schindler, also a serious writer and analyst.

Mock ye not this man Jester or accuse those who see things this way of “paranoia”. The Jester is deadly serious and I stress the mortality part. He now has a major following amongst those who want truth rather than soft, pap, spoon fed propaganda and alt-right made up shit served as entertainment for those who carry on regardless.

Jester-Actual: Word-for Word:

“Erovinkin was a key aide to Igor Sechin, a former deputy prime minister and now head of Rosneft, the state-owned oil company, who is named in the dossier.

Now before you re-activate your partisan brain, consider for a moment that Exxon-Mobil, under Rex Tillerson, brokered a deal with Russia in 2013 for 60 million acres of Russian land to pump oil out of, but all that Russian oil went through pipelines in the Ukraine, who heavily taxed the proceeds, and were applying for admission into NATO at the time.

Putin subsequently invaded Ukraine in 2014, secured the routes to export the oil tax-free by sea, and took control of the port where their Black Sea Naval Fleet is based, by taking the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine by force and not giving it back. This was Hitler-tier imperialism that broke every international law in the free world.

After Obama sanctioned Russia for the invasion, they could only pump oil from approximately 3 of those 60 million acres. But now Rex Tillerson is soon to be our Secretary of State, and as of today, there’s information circulating that Donald Trump will likely unilaterally remove all sanctions against Russia in the coming days or weeks.

You realize that Putin will make half a trillion dollars from that much untapped oil, right? All pumped tax-free through Crimea, stolen from Ukraine, now owned by Russia?

You realize that Putin may have subverted our government just to become the richest man on the planet, right?

You realize that placing Trump in the Presidency may never have been the primary objective of the Russian election interference, which was simply to put a man in place who could be blackmailed into giving Rex Tillerson, recipient of the Russian Order of Friendship medal, power and influence, right?

And check this: The State Department has undergone a purge. People who have been there since the ’70s have all resigned or been asked to leave. The diplomatic branch of the United States government will now be Tillerson’s workplace alone. Rex Tillerson is now the real man in charge of international affairs, doing the real deals. Trump is just a figurehead tweeting about torture and crowd size, insulting Mexico for the lulz, and photoshopping his hands so they look bigger.”