First Sightings of Alt-Left

First sightings of “Alt-Left” (taken longer than I thought) together with a picture of tatooed lesbians and obviously posing terrorist really vicious looking guys in sunglasses and face scarves. Hired from Starbucks round the corner. here guys, 10 bucks. Hold these and look real mean.

You would think that when they fake up these pictures they could at least make a better fist of it. This is so posed and amateur it’s great! Even if you know it’s fake…you want to…need to….HATE! HATE! HATE! Lesbian Extremist Gayboro Freeloading Commie Students!

On Twitter. 52k followers. There are probably hundreds of these sites. very cheap to set up and run. Basically one stinky young guy in a room somewhere with Netflix subscription, a microwave, some bang-bang Playstation games, a few boxes of cheetos, box of kleenex and mounting psychological problems:


Green Fraud 🌎 (@GreenFraud) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Green Fraud 🌎 (@GreenFraud). Green movement is a fraud perpetuated by leftists who want to tax Americans to fund their #ClimateChange deception. #GreenFraud #GlobalWarming #CarbonTax #tcot. Cooling Planet Earth

Who knows what “Viva Liberty” is. Possibly a 16 year old guy in Skopje with a buddy in US to set up and take the photos.